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Songs of the West

Four Cords 

Those Brown Eyes

     I was quite certain that I learned "Those Brown Eyes" from a record by Woody Guthrie, but nowhere in my music media could I find a phonograph record or a reel-to reel tape or cassette of the song. I do know that I was singing the song by 1947. I have heard and found in song books several other versions that have a third verse that identifies the gentleman that disappoints the narrator as his sweetheart's brother and that his sweetheart eventually died before he discovered his identification error.


One night the moon was hanging low,
Brown Eyes whispered she must go,
Not one minute could she wait,
She kissed my cheek and left my gate.

    Those Brown Eyes I love so well,
    Those Brown Eyes I long to see,
    How I long for those Brown Eyes,
    Strangers they have grown to be.

Last night I met her on the street,
I bowed my head I could not speak,
Another man was by her side,
I think soon she'll be his bride.