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Songs of the West

Four Cords 

Rough and Rocky Road

     I have heard many renditions of "Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky" over the years but do not know for certain which one served as my source. I tend to think that I actually learned the song in the mid-1950s, and unlikely that it was earlier nor later.

Darlin', I have come to tell you,
Though it almost breaks my heart,
But before the morning, darlin',
We'll be many miles apart.

    Don't this road look rough and rocky,
    Don't the sea look wide and deep,
    Don't my baby look the sweetest,
    Lyin' in my arms asleep.

Don't you hear the night birds callin'
Far across the deep blue sea,
While of others you are thinking,
Won't you sometimes think of me.

One more kiss before I leave you,
One more kiss before we part,
You have caused me lots of trouble,
Darlin', you have broke my heart.