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Songs of the West

Four Cords 

Remember Me

     I first heard "Remember Me" in the late 1930s or early 1940s on the radio program of the National Barn Dance sung by Lulu Belle & Scotty. I remembered the melody but did not hear the song often enough to recall enough words to even pretend that I had learned it. However, in 1946 I heard it often on country music disk jockey programs as sung by T. Texas Tyler. I learned it very quickly and for years it was one of my standard songs. My approach was more like Lulu Belle than of T. Texas Tyler, which many folks liked but which did not appeal to me.

The sweetest songs belong to lovers in the gloaming,
The sweetest days are the days that used to be,
The saddest words I ever heard were words of parting,
When you said, 'Sweetheart, remember me.'

    Remember me, when the candle lights are gleaming,
    Remember me, at the close of a long, long day,
    It would be so sweet, when all alone I'm dreaming,
    Just to know you still remember me.

You told me once that you were mine alone forever,
And I was yours till the end of eternity,
But all those vows are broken now and we will never
Be the same except in memory.

A brighter face may take my place when we're apart, dear,
A sweeter smile, and a love more bold and free,
But in the end fair weather friends may break your heart, dear,
If they do, sweetheart, remember me