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Songs of the West

Four Cords 


This is a quite different song than the one of the same name by Woody Guthrie. Fredrickson learned this version from a tape by Bun Kinsey, of Dry Creek, Georgia.

Now Pretty Boy was born in the Oklahoma hills 
Where the beautiful flowers grow wild
He was christened Charles Arthur by parents so proud 
Who thanked God for their beautiful child.

By the side of his cradle his mother would sing 
Never dreaming the sorrows he'd bring
But a mother's heart is broke when a boy grows to man
It's been ever true since time first began.

Now Pretty Boy was 20 when he married his young wife
She was only 16 summers old
Then he went to work in a bakery shop out there 
But he drifted away from the fold.

Left his young wife in Dixie in 1924 
Went to Kansas to try to earn more
Then he went to St. Louis got in bad company 
And wound up in a penitentiary.

He served his time went to Ohio 
Killed a man and was sentenced again
He didn't serve the time the Jury gave to him 
For he jumped from a fast-speeding train.

Kansas City was the next he took it on the run 
Killed two brothers with his careless gun
He killed Mr. Byrd and a man named Wilson 
And he left Kansas City on the run.

Ohio again, he killed Mr. Ches Stewart 
Spreading fear all along his crooked path 
Then he went back home got into another row 
Killed the sheriff who stirred up his wrath.

'Twas the last trip to Ohio for that wicked fool 
He was shot dead 8 miles to Liverpool
Pretty Boy will learn on that great Judgement Day 
That a life filled with crime does not pay.