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Songs of the West

Four Cords 


This is a lyric version of the song found in Lomex, 310. Many of the verses are found in other songs describing cowboy life. Learned From the Ken Maynard Record. (Columbia 2310 D). (See Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume 3, #84, Folkways FP 253.)

I am a lonely cowboy I'm off on the Texas plains,
My trade is cinching saddles and pulling bridle reins 
I can twist a lasso with the greatest skill and ease 
I can rope and ride a bronco most anywhere I please.

I love the rolling prairie that's on the trail and strife,
Behind a bunch of longhorns I'll journey all my life,
But if I had a stake boys married I would be
The sweetest girl in this wide world just fell in love with me.

Now when we get on the trail boys and dusty billows rise,
Fifteen miles from water the grass is scorchin' dry 
The boss is mad and ringy you all can plainly see, 
I'll have to follow the longhorn I'm a cowboy here to be.

But when it comes to rain boys one of the gentle kind, 
When lakes are full of water the grass is wavin' fine, 
The boss will shed his frown then and a pleasant smile you'll see,
I'll have to follow the longhorn I'm a cowboy here to be.

Now when we get them bedded, we think down for the night,
Some horse'll shake his saddle it'll give the herd a fright
They'll bound to their feet boys and madly stampede away
And then you'll know it's time boys you can hear the cowboys say:

Now when we get them bedded we feel most inclined 
When a cloud'll rise in the west boys and a fire'll play on their horns,
The old boss rides around then your pay you'll get in gold,
I'll have to follow the longhorns until I am too old.