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Songs of the West

Four Cords 

I'm Goin' Back to Where I Come From

     I learned "I'm Goin' Back to Where I Come From" when it was played several times on a country music disk jockey program in 1946." Back in those days I was not particularly interested as to the singer from whom I learned a particular song. Today I feel strongly that I was in error and now always try to remember the artist from whom I learn a song, on record, on the radio, or on some other medium.

I'm goin' back to where I come from,
Where the honeysuckle smells so sweet
It durn near makes you sick.
I used to think my life was humdrum,
But I sure have learned a lesson that is bound to stick.

    There ain't no use of me pretending
    For the city sure ain't no place
    For a guy like me to end in.
    I'm goin' back to where I come from,
    Where the mocking bird is singing in the lilac bush.

I used to go down to the station
Every evening just to watch
The pullman train come rollin' in.
And then one night that great temptation
Got the best of me and drove me to a life of sin.

    I took my hat and fourteen dollars
    And I went through all the troubles
    Of the life that always follows
    When you're rich and huntin' romance,
    But my huntin' days are over I can tell you that.

I met a man in Kansas City
And he winked at me and asked me
If I'd like to step around
And I said, 'Yep, that's what I'm here for,'
And he said he'd take me to the hottest spots in town.

    He mentioned things he'd have to fix up,
    So he took my fourteen dollars,
    But there must have been a mix-up.
    He's been gone since Thursday evening
    And I've got a hunch I'll never see that guy no more.

When I get old and have a grandson,
I can tell him 'bout my romance
And then watch his eyes bug out,
The chances are, he won't believe me
So he'll do the same durn thing when he's growed up, no doubt.

    But he can't say, I didn't warn him.
    What will happen if he meets up
    With that city guy, gol durn him.
    I'm goin' back to where I come from,
    Where the mockin' bird is singing in the lilac bush.