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Songs of the West

Four Cords 


Learned from Eddie Wallace, a cousin by marriage, near Merced, California, several years ago. He had learned it from his mother, the family having come from Oklahoma in 1939.

While camping on a prairie, on a Frenchman's ranch one night
With heads upon the saddle and campfires burning bright

Some were telling stories, some were singing songs,
And some were softly smoking as the hours rolled along.

And as they came to talking of their distant friends so dear
This boy hung his head from his saddle and his eyes were filled with tears.
They asked this boy the reason why he was compelled to roam
They also asked him the reason why he was at home no more.

He raised his head, brushed away the tears and he looked the rough crowd o'er
Oh boys I'll tell you the reason why I am at home no more.

I fell in love with a neighbor girl her cheeks were soft and white
Another fellow loved her too and it ended in a fight.

This fellow's name was Thomas Smith we had been friends from boys,
We always shared each other's love and had each other's joys.

I remember the night Tom and I first fought I stabbed Tom with my knife,
He fell to the ground, the crimson flood was flowing from his side.

I could hear Tom say though in his dreams as he lay there on the ground,
Oh boy you will be sorry of this when you see me lying dead.

Home, home, home sweet home, I'd give my pony and saddle to be at home sweet home.