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Songs of the West

Four Cords 


A typical type of "goodnight" song, learned by the singer from the old Conqueror disc, sung by Billy Vest.

They got me in the corner of Fifth Street and Main 
Take me to the big jail they bound me in chains 
Down come the jailer, 'round 10 o'clock
With that big bunch of keys and he opened that lock.

Now the judge found me guilty, said I had to pay 
Now for ten long years behind bars I stay
They put me on board of' that train Cannonball 
And when it pulled out I waved to them all.

I've traveled this country 100 times or more 
And now for 10 long years I'll travel no more
If I'd a listened to mother I wouldn't be here today 
But when you do a crime you sure have to pay.