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Songs of the West

Four Cords 

    Four Cords is the newest album released by Dave Fredrickson.  It's a culmination of 60 years of music in his life.  It almost didn't get made, as Dave's heart stopped after a minor surgery in 2001. Doctors revived him, but he needed an immediate triple bypass surgery to be performed.  After that surgery, Dave spent months recuperating, and one of the ways he found to exercise and regain his strength was to split and stack wood, hence the title "Four Cords."  It was obvious that he had to do something to preserve his songs for friends and future generations, so with help from more musical friends, this album was produced.  

    Dave passed away August 28th, 2012. His wife of 50+ years passed away a little more than a year earlier.  His music was so much a part of his life that it inspired many of his friends to become musicians or further a musical career.

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